An En-suite Twin Room – Ideal for Friends or Family

A private twin room is one room with two separate beds, perfect for friends or just 2 people who want to share a room together. With free Wi-Fi, Heating, Aircon and En-suite bathroom this is a perfect room to have for your stay in Gyeongju.

If you get a private twin room , you can save money by sharing an en-suite room. You can be independent of anyone in the staying in the hostel and will not need to share with anybody but your friend. You two can relax together in a safe, convenient room and plan for the next adventurous day in Gyeongju!

When in a foreign country, having your own private space can be important and here at the Hanjin International Hostel, we recommend this twin room if you want to save a bit of money and still have an en suite twin room with free Wi-Fi, aircon and heating.

Remember, here at the Hanjin, even if you have a private twin room, we encourage guests to meet up in the communal TV area and relax outside in the courtyard together. This will mean you will get the full experience of staying here in Gyeongju, and also you will get to meet nice, like minded people like yourselves, give and get tips off others and share your experience with other people. Of course, this is totally your choice, but don’t forget that “If you haven’t stayed at the Hanjin, don’t say you’ve been to Gyeongju”

Maybe a private twin room is not perfect for you. If you don’t like your friend that much, are bad at sharing things or just want your own space, then you can still go with the single en-suite room for only a few dollars extra 😉 On the other hand, if you REALLY like your friend you can get a double room (en-suite).




Bathroom Style


Aircon / Fan




Free Wi-Fi



2 En-suite Yes Yes Yes

Price: $46 per room

(Only $23 per person!)


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From: December 12, 2017
To: December 13, 2017