Our Gyeongju Hostel Is Part of Local History

hanjin internaitional hostel old

This hostel in Gyeongju has a deep history and has been accommodating international travelers for over 40 years. Read this page to find out why the Hanjjn International Hostel is the place to stay in Gyeongju.

The Hanjin Hostel’s history is a story about the current owner (Mr.Kwon) and his father. The Hanjin International Hostel in Gyeongju has been the place to stay in Gyeongju since 1977, when it was opened by Clint’s father, who before then worked in the construction business. Considering not a lot of foreign visitors visited Korea before the 1990s, this is a long time for a International Hostel in Korea to have remained open. Clint’s father must have had a vision to welcome more foreign people enter the country and help promote what a fantastic place Gyeongju in South Korea is.

“Hanjin” means Korea Let’s Go, and for over 3 decades it has been welcoming guests for all around the world. The hostel in Gyeongju is cheap and in a great central location, which in itself helps explain why it has done so well, but this is only a small part of the reason behind it. The owner (Mr Clint Kwon) and his family play a huge role as well. To read why this is check out our Mr Clint Kwon and his family page.

Clint took over the hostel, and by doing so continued the name and reputation of this great place to stay in Gyeongju. When he was asked why he does it and what the mission of his hostel was, he simply said “I just want to provide a comfortable, homelike place for travelers”. For many travelers, this is exactly what they want as well. Somehow when you stay at the Hanjin Hostel you just feel at home, even know you are probably far away from your actually home, guests feel welcomed and it is a nice feeling.

By running the hostel in Gyeongju, Mr.Kwon feels like he is keeping the cultural heritage of Korea alive. He feels like some aspects of Korea’s heritage is being lost to modernization and that some Korean people have changed too much, losing their old ways of doing things, ending up confused and worrying about their debts. He tries to keep the old silla culture alive and many guests from around the world appreciate this. The Hanjin Hostel’s history helps encourage travelers to come to Gyeongju and experience things they would never of seen otherwise.

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Clint thinks that normally people spend lots of money staying in hotels and miss out on the experience of the staying in an International Hostel like the Hanjin. However interesting people save money, share amazing stories with others and stay at the Hanjin. This is the reason he only charges enough to maintain the building.

Some of these interesting guests that have stayed at the Hanjin include bike travelers, writers, photographers, professors and many many more. If you ask him if he had any terrible guests he will say “Terrible guests go to terrible places, all my guests are very good”. With the service, price and guests at the Hanjin Hostel it starts to become clear why so many guests stay here instead of expensive hotels. The Hanjin Hostel really is the place to stay in Gyeongju and many guests come back again and again. The Hanjin will remain open as long there are people to run it, hopefully the name “Hanjin” will remain in Gyeongju forever, as it has remained in the many hearts of many guests that have stayed in this hostel in Gyeongju.

Thank you for reading about the Hanjin Hostel’s history! We hope you will come and see us soon.