English Speaking Tour Guide Here to Help

Meet Mr Clint Kwon, an English speaking tour guide in Korea and his family. He is the owner of the Hanjin International Hostel,and a local English speaking tour guide in Gyeongju. Find out more about him, his history and his personality here. After working at some big companies like Samsung and Daewoo Mr. Kwon took over the role of his father and kept his dream going of maintaining a international hostel in Gyeongju where all are welcome. When you stay at the hostel, you might hear him say things like “this place is your home, not my home”. Of course he lives there too, but this is just one of ways that everyone feels welcome at the Hanjin Hostel.

english speaking tour guide in korea - mr Clint Kwon


Mr.Kwon is a very unique person, here you can read a little about him, but you really need to come and meet him at the Hanjin Hostel to see what he is really like. He is not only a hostel owner or English tour guide in Korea, but also a great friend to many people.


He only charges what he needs to for the rooms, as long as he can keep the Hostel going and make a living of his tour guide job he is happy. It is not often you meet someone this selfless and generous. Being a tour guide in Gyeongju, you will also find him offering his own opinion on where you should go and what you should see in the area.


Clint loves to keep active, so he has many hobbies. These include: music, calligraphy, writing history, taekwondo, jogging, yoga, Silla hwarang sports and climbing mountains. He also collects coins, stamps, small cups, bells and other things from around the world, which working at the Hostel allows him to do.


When you stay at the Hanjin International Hostel, unlike many other hostel owners who just want your money, Mr. Kwon is different. He will talk to you and help you. He knows so much about he Gyeongju area, so he gives some guests “3 Minute tips from Clint” which every guest finds helpful. Also, on arrival he gives out a handy map to help guests decide where to go and allow them to enjoy their stay at Gyeongju.


Mr.Clint Kwon says that the best part of his job is meeting many world travelers. He especially likes that this helps his hobby of collecting coins and stamps! Many guests of his end up being repeat customers and many of these bring their friends and family along the next time. Many guests also invite Clint to their homes, and one day he wishes to go and travel to as many of these places as he can.

He prefers to have foreign guests, he actually thinks that they are more polite and responsible than many Korean travelers he has met.

He describes English people as gentlemen, French people as very soft and nice. Swiss and Germans, also as very nice. Finally, he says the American people he has met are all trying to find out something different about Korea and are all very individual.

english tour guide in korea - mr Clint Kwon with hat


Clint Kwon was born in Andong and studied law at the University there, after this he worked as a government official for 3 years. After this he worked as pharmacist for a total of 20 years and important heavy industrial equipment from the United States.

Next Mr.Kwon decided to start his own construction company. Here they built many roads and bridges and are still around today helping the people of Korea. They also helped build the iron works in Pohang. The company employed between 50 to 500 people during the time he worked there.

Now Clint is owner of the Hanjin International Hostel and as an English speaking tour guide in Korea, Gyeongju!


Mr.Kwon is very proud of his family:

His wife used to be a teacher. They had two sons and three daughters togther.
His eldest son works with KBS in Seoul (MC=master of ceremonies). He is married to a top Korean singer called “Kim Ji Ae”.
His second son is a manger for the Daewoo company in New York and he is married to a designer.
His eldest daughter is a painter in Michigan. Her husband is an instructor
at the University of Michigan and a famous novelist.
His second daughter studied architecture in Paris and is now living there. Her husband is
studying for his PhD in architecture.
His third daughter studied her PhD at the University of Hawaii. Now she is working
in Seoul as a manager for Samsung.
As for Mr. Clint Kwon, he says that while his health lasts, he will continue being an English speaking tour guide in Korea and  the owner of the Hanjin International Hostel.

english tour guide in korea - mr Clint Kwon and statueBook now to meet the man behind the Hanjin Hostel and English speaking tour guide in Korea, to see for yourself why this hostel has been around so long and why so many return.