Book a Family Room Today & Bring Your Family to Gyeongju

Our family room has a double bed for 2 people included in the price of the room, and for only $10 per extra person you can add up to 2 more beds. This is a great room for 4 people to be together and enjoy their fantastic vacation to Gyeongju. Having your own space and bathroom whilst being on holiday is a necessity and with this type of room you can have both of those things as well as free Wi-Fi, Heating and Aircon!

Booking a family room at the Hanjin is a great way to save money and stay in the same room. You won’t need to worry about anyone else in the hotel because you’ll have your own safe space and bathroom to use. Keep your luggage safe in your family room whilst you take a short walk to the bus or train stations located very close to the hostel and start your journey.

To finish the day, why not come back to the hostel and take a breather in the courtyard? Perhaps you will meet other families and travelers who can share stories with you, and recommend great things to do. Also, don’t forget that Mr.Kwon will be there to help you and share his tour guide knowledge with you.

The Hanjin Hostel has been open since 1977 and has been allowing travelers to stay in Gyeongju comfortably and conveniently all that time. Get the proper Gyeongju experience and create new memories by staying with us. After all, “If you haven’t stayed at the Hanjin, don’t say you’ve been to Gyeongju”. Read up more about our history here.

If you want to stay here, but a family room doesn’t sound right for you, then check out our other rooms. For a large group of people, perhaps a cheaper dorm room will be more appealing to you, or a twin room for 2? With our large range of room types, we surely have the right room for you at the right price. Have A LOT of fun and create A LOT of great memories without having to spend A LOT of money, here at the Hanjin Hostel 😉



Bathroom Style


Aircon / Fan




Free Wi-Fi



2-4 En-suite Yes Yes Yes

Price: $45 for 2 people

(Only $10 per extra person!)


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From: December 12, 2017
To: December 13, 2017