How to get from Seoul to Gyeongju

Have you ever wondered about Gyeongju? What there is to do in Gyeongju? or what to see in Gyeongju?

These pages will help tell you all about the Gyeongju area in South Korea and hopefully make you want to come and see this amazing place!

Facts About Gyeongju

Population of Gyeongju: around 265,000 (2012)

Region: North Gyeongsang Province

Gyeongju Dialect: Gyeongsang

Cities near Gyeongju (2-2.5 hours away by bus): Pohang, Ulsan, Daegu, Busan

gyeongju pond at night - hanjin hostel


Gyeongju is a city with some of the most important and interesting history in South Korea. It once played a huge role in governing Korea and being the capital of Silla. This means that Gyeongju in South Korea has so much history scattered around the city and mountains. It is a very traditional city and it takes great pride in it’s culture. From it’s food, to it’s temples, burial mounds and relics, Gyeongju really is “the museum without walls”. No other place in Korea is quite like it!

How to get to Gyeongju

Take a train to Gyeongju

Estimated time from Seoul: 3 hours 35 minutes

Estimated price: ₩49,500

The Train is mostly likely going to be the fastest way to get to Gyeongju. In South Korea, as you may know there are two different types of train. One is the super fast KTX train and the other is the ITX. The KTX does not directly go to Gyeongju, so you will need to take an ITX train. To get here faster, it is recommended to take a KTX train to the nearest station (maybe Daegu/ Busan) then switch to the ITX from there.

The estimated time and price was based on getting the hourly KTX from Seoul station to Daegu (2hrs 17mins, ₩44,000) and a bus from Daegu Geumho Bus Terminal (1 hour, ₩5,500)

Take a bus to Gyeongju

Estimated time from Seoul: 4 hours

Estimated price: ₩32,000

Long journey buses in South Korea have comfortable seats and air conditioning, if you don’t mind the 4 hour journey, taking the hourly bus to get to Gyeongju from Seoul Express Bus Terminal is the cheapest and perhaps easiest option.

Flying to Gyeongju

Estimated time from Seoul: 2 hours

Estimated price: ₩85,000 – ₩175,000 (Flight prices vary)

It is possible to take the train from Seoul Station to Seoul Gimpo, and then get a non-stop plane to Ulsan (55 minutes). From Ulsan you can take a 30 minute taxi ride to get to Gyeongju in South Korea for around ₩30,000. This method is the fastest, but also the most pricey.

What to see in Gyeongju

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